Bicycle canopy as charging station for e-bikes

The popularity of the electric bicycle is still growing in the Netherlands. It is an environmentally friendly and healthy mode of transportation suitable for both recreational use and commuting. This explains why most of the market revenue is derived from electric bicycle sales. This growth looks set to continue in the coming years as more people discover the benefits of e-bikes. As a result, more and more electric bike charging stations are needed in the Netherlands. Perhaps you would also like to have charging stations for electric bikes installed at your company’s bicycle parking facility.

Klaver bicycle parking offers you the solution you need. For companies, a bicycle parking system with solar panels is a must. Thanks to the solar panels on the bicycle shed, power is generated with which e-bikes can be charged. In a green and environmentally friendly way, the electric bikes of your employees, customers and visitors can be charged.

Bicycle shed with solar panels

A bicycle shed with solar panels contributes to the sustainability of your business. Cycling is inherently a sustainable solution because, unlike cars, there is no fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Moreover, biking is healthy, which is why employers like to encourage it among employees. A bicycle shed with solar panels has a positive effect on this. A safe, sheltered, user-friendly and accessible bicycle shed with solar panels, for example the T-Hide Solar, motivates more employees to take the bike.

Moreover, the sustainable effect is cumulative thanks to the solar panels on the bicycle shed. The solar panels on your bike shed convert sunlight into electricity for charging stations. This makes a bike shed with solar panels self-sufficient in terms of electricity and has clean and renewable energy. In addition, with a larger bike parking facility with solar panels, this green power can be used to power nearby parked electric cars. Dependence on the power grid decreases and your business saves on energy costs. Your company image gets a boost as well. Solar panels on your bicycle parking lot show that your company values sustainability.


It is almost impossible to imagine the streets without electric bicycles. The proportion of electric bicycles will only increase, especially now that the tax rules for company bikes have been simplified and leasing companies are responding to this. Once people have discovered the convenience of an e-bike, they don’t want anything else. At the same time, e-bikes are a lot more expensive and heavier in weight compared to city bikes. As a result, parking electric bikes safely requires more attention.

Thanks to a bicycle parking system with solar panels, you, your employees and your visitors can safely park electric bikes. Due to the use of high-quality materials and the robust construction, a bicycle shed with solar panels is vandal-proof. Ideal for busy environments where many people want to park their bikes. Moreover, the parking rack can be equipped with integrated LED lighting, with the lighting being sustainably powered thanks to the solar panels on the bike rack. Good lighting and visibility deter potential vandals.

Charging points electric bikes Netherlands

The demand for more charging points for electric bicycles in the Netherlands is steadily increasing. At Klaver bicycle parking you are at the right place for charging points for electric bicycles in the Netherlands. Your bicycle parking facility with solar panels can be equipped with multiple integrated charging points that all use the green power generated by the solar panels. We supply charging points for electric bicycles throughout the Netherlands.

A bicycle parking system with solar panels can also be customized to suit your needs. Besides solar panels on your bike shed, you can make the shed even greener by choosing a sedum roof, for example. Make your bicycle shed with solar panels even more attractive for e-bike users by having charging lockers installed. This way the bike battery can always be stored safely. You can even turn this into a mobility hub by installing shared bikes, for example. A bike shed with solar panels offers many possibilities. Enthusiastic about the advantages of a bike shed with solar panels? Contact us and request a free quote.