Three important aspects at bicycle parking

A common problem in the Netherlands is the lack of places to park bicycles. As a result, bicycles are often parked in places where they should not be. This leads to a chaotic picture in many places. A good bike rack definitely makes a difference here! It makes parking bicycles a lot easier and contributes to the orderly and efficient parking of bicycles.

Discover below the three most important aspects in bike parking:


The FietsParKeur certificate differentiates between the space where the bicycle is parked. Is this a public space or a secure bicycle parking area? The answer determines whether the bike racks are required to have a tethering facility or not. All bicycle parking systems in our range have such a standard feature. The bike stands also have roll-back protection: If the bike is pushed too far forward, the bike will automatically roll back and remain properly supported.

Fietsenrek Krait van Klaver Fietsparkeren

Centre-to-centre distance

The choice of different center-to-center distances makes Klaver’s bike racks suitable for most bicycles. A center-to-center distance indicates the distance between the bike racks. Important aspects in determining this distance are the available space, type of bicycles and quantity of bicycle spaces. Klaver Fietsparkeren uses a minimum center-to-center distance of 37,5 cm. In addition, all our bike stands are provided with a spherical foot plate, which prevents accumulation of dirt under the bike stand.

Fietsenrek van Klaver Fietsparkeren

Damage prevention

Klaver’s bike racks come standard with front fork support. With front fork support, the bicycle is supported at a strong part, the front fork. This prevents a knock in the wheel. In addition, the wear-resistant protective sleeves prevent damage to the front fork of the bicycle.

Voorvorkondersteuning bij het Woma fietsenrek

Ease of use

The bicycle stands from the wide assortment of Klaver Fietsparkeren distinguish themselves particularly on the appearance. The Cobra bike stand is characterized by its round shapes and therefore fits perfectly into the design language of the streetscape. The Mamba has a striking tie-down facility, giving this bike rack a reliable appearance and making it very suitable for public areas. The Krait is a bike rack with sleek design and bike parking technically optimal.

The Viper, on the other hand, stands out not only on appearance, but also on functionality. This bike parking system is specially designed for outdoor model bikes with a basket or crate on the front, better known as crate and transport bikes.

Double-layer bicycle rack

The storey bicycle rack is designed to allow double bicycle parking capacity by means of lower and upper bays. For effortless parking of bicycles on the upper places, the lifting weight of the upper gutter is reduced by an integrated gas spring. This in combination with a low lifting height makes the 2ParkUp a user-friendly double-layer bicycle parking system.

Klaver Fietsparkeren 2ParkUp dubbellaags fietsenrek

But we also focus on everything around the system, because this too is part of the solution. Together with customers, we think about creating a nice environment for cyclists so that people are willing to put in the effort. Or maybe even better;

We are trying to influence ‘positive behavior’ in bicycle parking facilities”

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