How do you promote a positive cycling culture within your organization?

The cycling culture of a company has a significant impact on the number of employees who commute by bike. The more bike-friendly infrastructure is provided, the more employees will choose to cycle to work. In this blog, we will tell you more about how to promote the cycling culture within a company. We will delve deeper into the importance of cycling for your business. Additionally, we will show you how bike-friendly infrastructure, company bicycles, bike racks at your workplace, and bike parking facilities contribute to an enhanced cycling culture. Looking to improve your company’s cycling culture? Klaver Bike Parking is here to help.

Why is cycling important for a company?

The cycling culture of a company makes a significant contribution to the overall health of its employees. The more your employees cycle, the more they stay active. Sufficient physical activity improves fitness levels. Your employees will have more energy, enabling them to perform better in their tasks, thus boosting productivity. Cycling reduces the risk of certain health issues and helps lower stress levels. Investing in your company’s cycling culture is therefore worthwhile.

An additional benefit of cycling is its environmental friendliness. Unlike cars, bicycles do not produce harmful emissions. Moreover, cycling is more cost-effective than driving, as there are no expenses for fuel, among other costs. As you can see, promoting a cycling culture within a company comes with several advantages.

Bicycle-friendly infrastructure at the workplace

Bicycle-friendly infrastructure at the workplace is crucial for enhancing a cycling culture. The infrastructure forms the foundation here, ensuring that bicycles can be securely parked. Covered and secured bike parking facilities are essential to protect against theft and inclement weather. Given the prevalence of electric bikes nowadays, installing charging points for e-bikes is highly recommended. Placing bike parking near the entrance of your company reduces barriers to cycling.

Moreover, you can contribute to a bicycle-friendly infrastructure within your company premises. Consider providing lockers where people can store their (bike) belongings securely. Additionally, a charging locker for bike batteries can be beneficial. Showers and changing rooms also contribute to a bicycle-friendly environment, allowing employees to freshen up after a long bike ride before starting work.