Install user-friendly bike parking by Klaver bicycle parking

For a user-friendly bicycle parking facility, Clover Fietsparkeren is the place to be. The easier it is to park a bicycle, the more cycling among employees is encouraged. This comes with several advantages: it promotes physical and mental well-being, it is more environmentally friendly and sustainable, it increases productivity and it reduces absenteeism. We ensure that your company has a user-friendly bicycle parking facility that is optimally equipped. Below we tell you more about how we go about this.

Are the bicycle parking spaces laid out efficiently?

We provide space-saving bicycle parking in which the space is used optimally. The more spacious the capacity of a bicycle parking facility is, the more people can use it and the more cycling is encouraged. At the same time, there must be enough space for every bicycle. Therefore, we make sure that there is enough space between the bikes. This way everyone can easily reach his or her bike. Moreover, this minimizes the chance of damage.

Within a space-saving bicycle shed, you can choose a double-layer bicycle rack. This increases the capacity, while still allowing for comfortable bike parking. Ideal if in locations with limited space enough bicycles need to be stored.

Are the bike racks user-friendly?

Our space-saving bicycle parking facilities are efficiently designed, but there are more features that make a Klaver Fietsparkeren parking facility a user-friendly bicycle parking facility. We provide an accessible parking for everyone, in which quick and effortless parking is possible. The bicycle is provided with protection and shelter.

Moreover, various additional options are among the possibilities. For example, a user-friendly bicycle shed can be equipped with automatic access and LED lighting. In addition, charging points for e-bikes can be installed. In this way, your company will have an ideal bike rack for electric bikes. Finally, we offer a wide range of service products such as charging lockers and docking facilities. In this way, a bicycle rack can be made even more user-friendly.

Can all bicycles fit in the bike racks?

Suitable bike racks can be found for all types of bicycles within our extensive range of products.For example, crate bike parking is possible in this Viper bike rack. In this high low bike rack you can perfectly park outdoor bicycles and crate bikes because the width is taken into account. There is enough space between the bikes and parking is effortless. On the contrary, if you want a bike rack for electric bikes, we provide it with charging points.

But within our offer you can also find universal bike stands in which almost all types of bicycles can be parked. The best example of this is the Woma universal bike rack. Perfect for locations where different types of bicycles are parked.
You will find suitable solutions for all bicycles at Klaver Fietsparkeren. Therefore, contact us now and request your free quote. We will gladly provide your company with a user-friendly and space-saving bicycle storage system.