Lockable bike storage: safely putting your bike away

For various parties, it is a good idea to have a bike shed that is lockable. Here you can think of companies, organizations, associations and all kinds of government agencies. Thanks to a lockable bike shed, you can be sure that your colleagues’ bikes are always safely stored. This offers protection not only against theft and vandalism, but also against weather conditions.

In this blog we will tell you more about lockable bike storage for companies and organizations. We’ll show you what types of bike racks are lockable, what the benefits are and why it’s best to have us install these products.

Which bike storage is lockable?

A lockable bike rack for businesses ensures that everyone can work with peace of mind. You no longer have to worry about vandalism, theft and the weather. For our lockable bike racks, we use T-Hide and CuBic bike racks. These multifunctional racks are available in standard sizes, but they can also be customized. In addition, you have ample choice in terms of wall covering.

Our bike racks have a long lifespan and come with a timeless design. Moreover, they can be equipped with a green roof, for example a sedum roof. Automatic access for your employees is among the possibilities.

Have a lockable bicycle storage installed by Klaver Fietsparkeren

After reading this blog, you will know why a lockable bike shed is of added value to your business or organization. It prevents your employees’ bikes from suffering from vandalism or theft. The bikes are always dry, so precipitation and other weather conditions cannot cause damage. Moreover, a customizable lockable bike shed is among the options. You can leave the installation of a bicycle shed to us. With more than 30 years of experience, we know what is needed for an end result you will be 100% satisfied with. Curious? Contact us and request a free quote without obligation.

The advantages of a lockable bike shed

We mentioned it above, but security is the biggest advantage of a lockable bike shed. Our bike racks offer protection from vandalism, theft and weather conditions. Your bicycle or e-bike is safely stored at all times. After all, a bicycle is a considerable investment, especially if you have opted for an electric bicycle. You shouldn’t think about this expensive bike being stolen, should you? A lockable bike shed prevents this. That is why we see this type of bicycle storage at various companies and organizations, specially placed for their employees.


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