Looking for sustainable bike parking?

Sustainability is a major issue these days. Companies are also doing everything they can to become more sustainable. Your company can contribute to a greener world in a variety of ways. Perhaps you have already had your office building taken off the gas or are using plastic-free varieties for cups and trays. Sustainability can also be achieved in the area of transportation. For example, you can encourage your employees to take the bike more often. Klaver Fietsparkeren can help you in different ways, for example with a sustainable bicycle storage facility. In this blog we will tell you more about the possibilities.

Building bicycle sheds to stimulate cycling

Building a sustainable bicycle parking facility is an excellent way to stimulate employees to take the bike more often. People are more likely to take their bikes if they can park this vehicle safely, easily and quickly. A durable bike rack reduces the risk of vandalism and theft. With the right capacity, employees and visitors can always park their bikes, which further stimulates bicycle use. In doing so, you simultaneously make your company more sustainable, as the bicycle is a much greener option than the car. If you choose a bicycle parking facility with charging points, you will also encourage cycling among employees with electric bicycles.

What products are sustainable from our range?

Within our wide range, you will discover several products that will help you make your business more sustainable and encourage cycling. The Krait bike stand, Cobra bike stand and the Mamba bike stand are good examples. These are the most sustainable bike racks available today, combining durability with sleek design and bike protection. Here you can choose a Krait, Cobra or a Mamba bike rack with charging points, making your bike rack extra attractive for e-bikes.

In addition, you can choose a bike shed with a green roof, such as a sedum roof. The succulents on the bike shed with green roof contribute to cleaner air by converting CO2 into oxygen. A bike shed with solar panels is another sustainable product we offer. Ideal for bike sheds with a flat roof. The electricity generated can be used to charge e-bikes, for example. So you have a bicycle shed with solar panels and charging points in one. Feel free to contact us to discuss the sustainable possibilities.

Why make the choice for sustainable bicycle racks?

There are several reasons why you may want to encourage cycling among your employees. It is better for health and lowers stress. It promotes physical activity and encourages a healthier and more active lifestyle. As a result, absenteeism decreases and your employees are more comfortable, which increases productivity and improves mental well-being. Moreover, cycling is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. For sustainable solutions, you have come to the right place at Klaver Fietsparkeren. Discover the possibilities on our website and request a quote right away.