(Semi-)open shelters

Shelters ensure that bicycles are protected from rain and other weather conditions. There is a wide choice of various models with different designs. Discover our (semi-)open shelters below.


An open, semi-open or lockable bicycle shed for safely storing (electric) bicycles or scooters. Many options and variants possible.


A budget-friendly shelter for covered parking of bicycles or scooters, developed for functionality. Available with transparent or sedum roof.


An open bicycle shed with curved roof construction fitted with clear polycarbonate roof panels. Often used in public spaces.


An open cycle shed with curved roof construction fitted with clear polycarbonate roof panels. Often used at high-visibility locations.


Shelter with a unique design featuring clear polycarbonate roof panels. Optionally supplied in colour of high quality.

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Klaver Bicycle Parking offers a wide range of efficient solutions for covered bike parking in (public) outdoor spaces, including bike shelters. You can choose from various high-quality options. Our bike shelters can be custom-made to precisely meet your needs and preferences. Thanks to their modular design, bike shelters can be endlessly expanded to match the growing capacity of your business. With a bike shelter, employees, business relations, and visitors can always park their bikes safely, reliably, and comfortably.

Benefits of a Bike Shelter

A bike shelter is an excellent way to provide protection against the weather. Not only does it prevent wet saddles, but protection from the elements also positively affects the lifespan of bikes, reducing the risk of damage. Additionally, the user-friendliness of a bike shelter is a significant advantage. Bikes can be parked comfortably with enough space for everyone to access their vehicle. Sheltered parking prevents loosely parked bikes, making more efficient use of space and contributing to a more pleasant environment.

Bike shelters have an open design. Unlike bike parking facilities, they do not have walls and doors. Combined with good lighting, such as this T-Hide Bike Shelter with LED lighting, the open design ensures clear visibility and social control. Bikes are always in view, minimizing the risk of theft and vandalism, making bike shelters a great choice.

Bike Shelters for Businesses

Klaver Bicycle Parking assists various parties in finding the best solutions for bike parking. We have installed bike shelters at apartment complexes, educational institutions, hospitals, municipal buildings, and other public spaces. Feel free to explore our projects and partners. We have a suitable bike shelter for every unique situation, including for various businesses.

Klaver Bicycle Parking collaborates with you to provide a tailor-made solution for your business. High-quality bike shelters contribute to increased bike usage. Employees are more likely to bike if they can park their bikes safely and comfortably. More physical activity leads to healthier, more productive, and energetic employees. Additionally, it promotes green mobility. In a sustainable way, you make your business more attractive to both (new) employees and customers.

Installation of a Bike Shelter

Our professional and experienced specialists handle the installation of your new bike shelter. Customization is our specialty. From coatings in various RAL colors to LED lighting, from e-bike charging points to binding facilities, and from charging lockers to repair stations: the possibilities are nearly endless. Even sustainable bike shelters are an option, such as those with a sedum roof or solar panels. Our bike shelters can be completely tailored to your wishes.

Various Bike Shelters at Klaver Bicycle Parking

At Klaver Bicycle Parking, there is no shortage of bike shelter options. All options can be customized and expanded endlessly thanks to their modular design. In addition to the previously mentioned T-Hide Bike Shelter, the Wave Bike Shelter is a popular choice. This modern bike shelter looks sleek, provides optimal protection for bikes, and minimizes environmental impact through efficient material use.

You can also opt for the Prisma Bike Shelter. This shelter with a robust appearance offers excellent protection for bikes, can be equipped with a double-layer bike rack, and features an integrated above-ground rainwater drainage system. Finally, there are the Top Bike Shelters. This luxury shelter with a curved roof looks great, offers protection, and makes optimal use of available space. Excited about the added value of bike shelters for your business or public space? Contact us and request your free quote today.