Double-layer bicycle stands

Klaver Bicycle Parking offers double-layer bicycle racks, designed to maximise bicycle parking in locations with limited space. Due to their clever design and unique features, Klaver's double-layer bicycle stands are suitable for almost all types of bicycles.


The 2ParkUp is the solution for locations with little space where many bicycles need to be parked. The multi-storey bicycle rack provides twice as much bicycle parking capacity.


The CycleUp is an innovative double-decker bike rack. By using an extendable mechanism for the upper spaces, more room is created for (electric) bikes in the lower spaces.

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Double-Decker Bike Parking

With over thirty years of experience, Klaver Bicycle Parking has developed several bike parking solutions. When it comes to the priorities of a bike rack, there are some differences between the wishes of customers and cyclists. Customers usually prefer capacity (the most bike spots), while cyclists prefer simplicity (easy and quick to use bike racks). Therefore, Klaver Bicycle Parking has developed a double-decker bike rack, the 2ParkUp, that offers ‘the best of both worlds’: space-saving and user-friendly.

Klaver Bicycle Parking tiered systems are certified by the FietsParKeur foundation. This foundation sets the national standard for safe parking. With this certification, Klaver Bicycle Parking guarantees the quality of double-decker bike parking systems. To continue offering high-quality products, we have set additional requirements for the 2ParkUp double-decker bike rack beyond the FietsParKeur standard.


The FietsParKeur certification distinguishes between public spaces and secured bike parking facilities. This determines whether bike racks must have a binding facility. All bike parking systems in our range come standard with such a binding facility. Additionally, all moving parts of the 2ParkUp are enclosed behind a protective cover, preventing injury or damage. The upper spots also have a rollback prevention feature: if the bike is pushed too far forward, it automatically rolls back and remains well-supported.


The double-decker bike rack is designed to provide double bike parking capacity with lower and upper spots. To easily park bikes in the upper spots, the lift weight of the upper tray is significantly reduced by an integrated gas spring. This, combined with a low lift height, makes it possible for most people to park on the upper level.


The choice of different c.t.c. (center-to-center) distances makes the 2ParkUp suitable for most bikes. A center-to-center distance indicates the space between bike racks. Important factors in determining this distance are available space, bike types, and the number of bike spots. Klaver Bicycle Parking maintains a minimum center-to-center distance of 37.5 cm. Additionally, the double-decker bike rack is developed with minimal material use without compromising the system’s quality, making the 2ParkUp highly suitable for long-term use.

Different Support Methods for Double-Decker Racks

Klaver Bicycle Parking offers two support options for the upper spots of the 2ParkUp double-decker bike rack: Fork Support and Rear Wheel Support. With fork support, the bike is secured to the front fork with a hook, keeping it firmly in the rack. Another support method is rear wheel support, where the bike is supported at both the front and rear wheel.

The lower spots of the 2ParkUp are standardly equipped with fork support. This form of support keeps the bike supported by a strong part, the front fork, preventing wheel damage. Additionally, the wear-resistant protective sleeves prevent damage to the bike’s front fork.

Endless Possibilities

Double-decker bike racks are infinitely expandable and available in both single- and double-sided variants. Klaver maintains a minimum order of four bike spots, two lower and two upper. Double-decker bike racks can also be equipped with integrated charging points for e-bikes.

To further secure bikes, we offer extra binding brackets in addition to the integrated binding facilities. This provides optimal theft prevention for parking bikes in the double-decker racks. Want to keep your bike safe and dry? This is possible with specially designed bike shelters and bike parking facilities for double-decker bike parking.