Lockable bicycle sheds

In a lockable bicycle shed, bicycles can be parked safely. A wide variety of models are available, such as double-layer and vertical bicycle shed.


A robust bicycle locker for the safe storage of one (electric) bicycle. Also available with double-layer or vertical bike racks.

Cubic lockable bicycle shed

A lockable bike shed for safely storing (electric) bikes or scooters. Modular and customisable.

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Bike shelters are among the best solutions for covered bike parking in public outdoor spaces. They cater to the needs of your employees, customers, business partners, and visitors, offering them a secure and comfortable way to park their bikes in a lockable bike shelter. Klaver Bicycle Parking specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining safe and user-friendly bike shelters for various parties. Discover the custom solution we can offer you.

Advantages of a Bike Shelter

Bike shelters are more than just a place to park bikes. Choosing a lockable bike shelter reduces the risk of theft and vandalism. Additionally, the shelter is covered, protecting parked bikes from weather conditions. The ease of use is high, and the capacity can be adjusted to the situation, ensuring there is always sufficient space to park bikes. A good bike shelter motivates more people to use their bikes. More bike traffic means less car traffic and reduced CO2 emissions, making a lockable bike shelter a contribution to a better environment.

Bike Shelters for Businesses

We assist various parties with our solutions, including businesses. A dedicated lockable bike shelter is a great motivator for employees to bike more often. Such facilities are appreciated, leading to higher satisfaction. Moreover, biking is good for your employees’ health, resulting in less absenteeism and higher productivity. Therefore, facilities like bike shelters are essential for modern businesses.

Installation of Bike Shelters

You can confidently leave the installation of the shelters to our experienced specialists. We even have experience with unique bike shelters abroad, such as those in England. The installation of the shelters can be tailored to the customer’s needs. The strength of Klaver Bicycle Parking lies in customization. The bike shelters are highly suitable for custom solutions with options like coating and LED lighting. The construction is standard in hot-dip galvanized steel with optional powder coating in all standard RAL colors.

Additionally, a covered bike shelter can be equipped with various green options, such as sedum roofs. A green roof with sedum offers many benefits. For instance, the roof’s lifespan is twice as long as roofs with bituminous covering. It also collects rainwater, reducing water overflow. Moreover, the green roof filters fine dust and gaseous pollutants from the air. It is the ideal solution for your bike shelter. Solar panels are also an option, providing your company with a green and environmentally friendly shelter. Want to know more? Read our blog on sustainable parking options.

Various Bike Shelters at Klaver Bicycle Parking

Klaver Bicycle Parking can install various types of bike shelters for you. A good example is the multifunctional CuBic bike shelter, one of the most popular options at the moment. This lockable bike shelter is covered, providing protection to parked bikes against both weather conditions and vandalism. CuBic bike shelters are particularly suitable for customization, with various additional options available. Moreover, such shelters can be endlessly expanded in all directions due to their modular construction, allowing the bike shelter to grow with your business.

Our bike shelters are suitable for single- and double-layer bike racks and come with a timeless design and durable construction. Within our range, we offer multiple options for wall cladding. The most common finishes are FSC® wood and perforated steel, but glass and mesh are also possibilities. All this to provide you with the most efficient solution for bike parking. Curious about what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us and request your free and non-binding quote today.