Rotterdam Central Station

Rotterdam (NL)

Klaver Bicycle Parking has installed store racks in the new bicycle parking facility on Conradstraat, next to Rotterdam Central Station. The double-layer 2ParkUp has been installed.


  • 378 Double-layer bicycle spaces with the 2ParkUp
  • Bicycle racks with double-layer powder coating
  • The front fork support prevents a blow to the wheel
  • Upper places supported with gas springs, to make parking easier
  • Integrated tie-in facility
  • Fietsparkeur certified

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The 2ParkUp is the solution for locations with little space where many bicycles need to be parked. The multi-storey bicycle rack provides twice as much bicycle parking capacity.


The CycleUp is an innovative double-decker bike rack. By using an extendable mechanism for the upper spaces, more room is created for (electric) bikes in the lower spaces.

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