Klaver Bicycle Parking aims to create a sustainable environment that improves the lives of people and the environment. We value the highest quality and the safety of our employees. Besides quality we pay much attention to the reduction of CO2 emissions and we offer people with a vulnerable labor market position a place within our company.

CO2 Performance ladder

Klaver has the highest attainable CO2 certificate level 5. This requires insight into our own CO2 emissions necessary for scope 1, 2 and 3. These are the activities that release CO2 which are listed below:

Scope 1:
– Emissions of refrigerants from air conditioning
– Fuels used on the company site itself

Scope 2:
– Business air traffic
– Business traffic in passenger cars owned by employees Klaver
– Emissions from production of electricity

Scope 3:
– Indirect emissions with causes other than energy production
– Emissions suppliers and subcontractors


Social Enterprise Performance Ladder (PSO).

As of 01-02-2016, we are a PSO-certified company in the highest attainable rung. The quality mark Prestatieladder Socialer Ondernemen (PSO) certification makes visible that Klaver Bicycle Parking not only supports in its work supports people with a vulnerable labour market position, but also offers them a place in our own operations offers them a place in our own operational management.


MVO certification

Klaver Bicycle Parking meets the set assessment criteria at the level certificate of the Metaalunie CSR monitor.

  • Certificate MVO monitor metaalunie


By complying with the requirements of the Safety Checklist Contractors (VCA) Klaver Bicycle Parking ensures a safe working environment for its employees.

  • VCA certificate


Many entrepreneurs ignore the fact that almost 50% of vehicle-related costs are determined by fuel consumption. You understand that low consumption directly contributes to lower costs. Our own fleet consists of class A/B type cars. Klaver also encourages its employees to use the bicycle or public transport. We expect the same from our suppliers. For example, our carriers use trucks with low CO2 emissions.

Digital invoicing

Thinking sustainably is good, doing sustainably is better! Klaver Bicycle Parking offers you Invoice Digital. We invoice digitally and are happy to receive invoices via: finance@klaverfietsparkeren.nl. This results in energy and CO2 savings and is also efficient, service-oriented, safe and fast.