The benefits of a bike shed with sedum roof

There has been a marked increase in green roofs in recent years. A roof with sedum is not only popular for its beautiful visual effect but it offers many other benefits. For example, a green roof lasts twice as long as a traditional roof and helps improve urban air quality. Architects today already consider the impact on the environment in the design phase of new construction, restoration or renovation. Green roofs are also gaining traction in facilities such as bicycle racks, shelters and lockers. Read below why a sedum roof is valuable for any covered bicycle parking facility.

What is a sedum roof?

A sedum roof is a type of green roof covered with colorful succulents. The main characteristic of sedum is that this plant absorbs water in its leaves and uses it in the summer. This makes sedum extremely suitable for extended periods of drought. In addition, the plants are also very resistant to varying weather conditions such as humidity and extreme heat. Perfect with the rainy climate of the Netherlands!

Advantages of a sedum roof

A green roof has many economic, ecological and social benefits. Below we list some of these benefits.

Absorbs rainwater 

  • Sedum on a green roof absorbs rainwater like a sponge. This slows the flow of water into the sewer system, reducing the peak load on the sewer system. This prevents flooding. In addition to relieving the sewer system, the plants also purify and evaporate the rainwater.

Air purification

  • For most businesses, it is important to do something about their CO2 emissions as part of corporate social responsibility. With the application of a sedum roof, your company contributes to this CO2 reduction. The plants on a green roof filter particulates and gaseous pollutants from the air. And like many other plants, sedum converts CO2 into oxygen.

Increases biodiversity

  • A green roof with flowering plants brings living nature back to urbanized areas. Thus, green roofs provide a habitat and food source for endangered plants, birds and insects. Thus, a bicycle shed with green roof contributes to biodiversity in a positive way.

Extends life of roof

  • Sedum roofs last a lot longer than other roofs. The harmful influences of rain, wind and sun are held back by the plants. Thus, the lifespan of a sedum roof is twice as long as roofs with bituminous covering. This makes your bike shed a lot more durable.

Low maintenance

  • A major advantage of sedum is that it is very low maintenance. For most of the year, sedum plants require absolutely no attention and quietly bloom. Still, that doesn’t mean that a green roof requires no maintenance at all. For example, check once or twice a year that the rainwater drainage system is still working properly and the sedum roof is free of weeds.

Positive effect on well-being

  • Greenery is essential for all people, young and old. A green environment around offices, residential areas, educational and healthcare facilities has a positive effect on our mood and health.

Sedum roof on a bicycle shed

What does a bicycle parking facility with a sedum roof actually look like? There are several options for covered bicycle parking facilities with a green roof.

CuBic bicycle shed

The CuBic bike shed is our most popular bike shed. With its numerous possibilities, the CuBic offers a unique solution for every situation. So also for greening the environment at educational institutions. The application of a sedum roof at the Sint-Lievenscollege in Antwerp has created a green oasis. This contributes to the health and productivity of the children.

CuBic fietsenstalling met sedumdak bij het Sint Lievenscollege

T-Hide bicycle cover

The strong and robust construction of the T-Hide provides a high-quality bicycle cover. This also makes the T-Hide extremely suitable for the application of a sedum roof. At the Martini Hospital in Groningen, this T-Hide bicycle cover has been realized with almost 500 square meters of green roof. Besides an attractive appearance, it also contributes to patient recovery. International research has shown that patients who overlook living greenery recover significantly faster than patients who have a gray and drab view.

Curious about the options for a bike shed with sedum roof for your situation?

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