Making space for bicycle parking together

Hoogeveen/Nieuwendijk – More and more people are taking to their bikes these days. In fact, in the Netherlands there are more bicycles than people. A recent poll by ANWB shows that 27 percent of those surveyed think they will get on their bikes more often, even after the corona crisis. Is our infrastructure prepared for this, and are there enough options for bicycle parking, we wonder aloud? BOERurban and Klaver Fietsparkeren join forces to better meet the new market demand.

Specialist in bicycle parking

For years Klaver Fietsparkeren has been a specialist in the field of bicycle mobility. “We realize leading, integral and sustainable solutions for diverse issues in the field of bicycle mobility and are therefore a solid partner for organizations at home and abroad, says Chiel Grevers, general manager at Klaver Fietsparkeren.”

Expert in street furniture

BOERurban’s expertise and focus is in streetscape design. With a wide range of options for spatial design, such as street furniture, tree and flower boxes, canopies, fencing and waste facilities. “Our goal is to make public space attractive and invite people to stay there and meet others. Outdoor space makes high demands on how it is designed. And so we place high demands on our range of street furniture with regard to functionality, design, appearance, identity, durability and soundness, explains Willem Butz, commercial director at BOERurban.”

Complete furnishings with high quality requirements

Both companies focus on continuity, quality and sustainability when furnishing outdoor spaces. Both offer the complete process from product development, production/assembly, delivery, installation, to service and maintenance. And all under their own management. Both companies have their own focus. Aware of the power of cooperation, the companies are now working together to offer a complete package of (new) solutions for outdoor space design.