Why have a CuBic bike storage facility for your business?

Bicycle parking facilities offer employees a safe and weatherproof solution for parking their bicycles. A good bicycle parking facility encourages employees to take to their bikes sooner. Moreover, employees who cycle arrive at work a lot fitter and it contributes to your company’s sustainable image. With a bicycle parking facility you already make it a lot more attractive for employees to give preference to cycling. Get to know our CuBic bicycle parking system below, which offers a suitable solution for every unique situation.

A customized bicycle shed

Storing bikes safely is one of the most important amenities. After all, after a long day at work, you want to find your bike in one piece. The CuBic is made of very high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel and will therefore last for years as a bicycle shed, without too much maintenance. Powder coating in all standard RAL colors is also possible. Furthermore, the bicycle shed can be constructed without walls, making the shed easily accessible. But for extra safety we recommend the use of walls and an access gate. The biggest advantage of this is the protection against vandalism, because the bike shed is lockable.

Different finishes

Within our product range, we offer several options of wall coverings. Most common finishes are wood and perforated steel. Wood provides a durable appearance and offers excellent weather protection. Perforated steel, on the other hand, has a rather closed appearance, but nothing could be further from the truth. The perforated sheets provide plenty of light and a supply of fresh air in the bicycle shed.

In addition, mesh and glass are also part of the wall covering options. Mesh is a cost-effective alternative to wood and perforated steel. Despite the relatively open nature of the bicycle parking, bicycles are well secured and protected.

CuBic fietsenstalling met Red Cedar

Access gates

With an access gate you can open up the bike shed to whomever you want, as well as protect and secure it from theft. In our range we have different types of access gates, so there is a solution for every situation. It is also possible to automate the gate. This adds to the accessibility of the bicycle shed.

Cubic fietsenstalling met glas en geperforeerd staal

Determine the right capacity

The size of the bicycle storage depends on the available space and the number of bicycles to be stored. Our standard CuBic bike rack with a height of 2400 mm is suitable for parking bicycles in single-layer bike racks.

With a double-layer bicycle rack, such as the 2ParkUp, a double bicycle parking capacity can be created. To install such a double-layer bicycle rack, we recommend a raised CuBic bicycle stand with a height of 3000 mm.

2ParkUp etagerekken

More light in the bike shed

An enclosed bike shed provides extra security, but also generally has little light due to the use of walls and an entrance gate. Of course, LED lighting can make it a lot more pleasant. But what could be better than natural light? A skylight is the perfect solution for that! The alternation of polycarbonate and profile sheet roof panels gives a bicycle shed an open character and provides a large amount of light.

Cubic fietsenstalling met sedum en lichtstraat

Bicycle shed with sedum roof

By default, the CuBic bicycle shed is supplied with steel roof plates. A big advantage of this over other roof coverings is the long life span. The roof panels are made of hot-dip galvanized steel. This ensures that the roof panels are protected against rusting. In addition, the steel roof panels are extremely strong, which means that they can withstand a maximum snow load of 70kg/m2.

In addition to a standard roof, we also offer the option of a sedum roof. This is a roof covered with plants. Such a green roof brings many advantages. For example, the lifespan of the roof is twice as long as roofs with bituminous covering. In addition, it captures rainwater and thus reduces flooding. Also, the green roof filters particulates and gaseous pollutants from the air.

Cubic fietsenstalling met sedum

Charging electric bikes with solar panels

We know that it is impossible to imagine life without electric bicycles. But we tend to forget the necessary facilities related to this shift. The rise of e-bikes means that more and more bicycle parking facilities with charging points are needed. With the CuBic bicycle shed with solar panels you can provide your employees with all the conveniences. The generated electricity from the storage ensures that e-bikes can easily be charged through different charging points in the storage.

In addition, the bicycle storage can be combined with other products of Klaver Fietsparkeren. Bicycle racks with integrated charging points can be realized in the bicycle parking facility. We can also place lockers in which the bicycle battery can be safely stored.

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