2ParkUp floor rack with charging points

The 2ParkUp bicycle rack with charging points for e-bikes is the most space-saving double-layer bicycle rack with charging points for e-bikes. One charging point offers the possibility to charge 2 bicycles.

Advantages of 2ParkUp floor rack with charging points

  • Most e-bike places per m2
  • User-friendly top area due to integrated gas spring
  • Easily accessible e-bike charging points
  • Invisible cabling of charging points
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor locations
  • Charging points can be optionally fitted with locks


The floor systems of Klaver Bicycle Parking are in possession of the FietsParKeur certificate. This foundation makes a distinction in the spaceNormstellend Documenten FietsParKeur versie 2.5 juli 2021 where the bicycle is parked. Is this a public space or a secure bicycle shed? The answer determines whether the bicycle racks are required to have a tie-down facility or not. The 2ParkUp is equipped with such a tie-in facility as standard. In addition, all moving parts of the 2ParkUp are concealed behind a protective cover. This prevents injury or damage.


The 2ParkUp is made of very high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel and will therefore last for years as a bicycle rack. Possible powder coating in all standard RAL colors is also possible. The double-layer bicycle racks have a modular structure and are available in both single- and double-sided variants. This means that the bicycle racks can be expanded endlessly into modules. In addition, the choice of different centre-to-centre distances makes the 2ParkUp suitable for most bicycles. A center-to-center distance indicates the distance between the bicycle spaces . Klaver Bicycle Parking applies a minimum center to center distance of 37.5 cm for the 2ParkUp double-layer bicycle rack.

Ways of support

Klaver Bicycle Parking offers two options of support for the upper places of the 2ParkUp floor bicycle rack: Front fork locking and rear wheel locking. With front fork locking, the bicycle is secured to the front fork by means of a hook. This keeps the bicycle firmly in the rack. Another option is rear wheel locking, where the bicycle is supported on both the front and rear wheels.

The bases of the 2ParkUp storey bicycle rack are equipped with front fork support as standard. With this form of support, the bicycle is supported by a strong part, the front fork. This prevents a knock in the wheel. In addition, the wear-resistant protective sleeves prevent damage to the front fork of the bicycle.


For effortless parking of bicycles on the upper parking spaces, the lifting weight of the upper gutter is reduced by an integrated gas spring. This in combination with the rollback protection makes the 2ParkUp a user-friendly bicycle parking system. Thanks to the roll-back protection on the upper places, the bicycle will automatically return if the bicycle is pushed too far forward.


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