Single-layer bicycle stands

Klaver Bicycle Parking offers single-level bike racks for efficient and convenient parking. With a sleek design, they fit into any environment and can be customised. Our range includes racks for standard and outdoor format bikes, including crate and transport bikes.


The most efficient bike rack for almost all types of bikes.


The most durable bike rack with a sleek design and appearance.


The best-selling bike rack with a solid steel tethering device.


The most secure bike rack with an extra-large tethering bracket.


The most user-friendly bike rack for outdoor model bikes.

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Bike Racks for Every Situation

Klaver Bicycle Parking values a practical approach to bike parking issues. This means we consider not only the customer’s needs but also the cyclist’s needs. Cyclist behavior significantly impacts the effectiveness of bike racks. When purchasing a bike rack, it’s important to know who the intended users are. Which cyclists will use the parking facility, and what types of bikes need to be accommodated? Each situation is unique and requires a specific approach.

With our years of experience, we offer a wide range of bike racks, focusing on safety, user-friendliness, and space utilization.


Klaver Bicycle Parking bike racks meet the standards of FietsParKeur. This certification ensures the quality of our bike racks and sets the national standard for safe bike parking. The FietsParKeur certification distinguishes between public spaces and secured bike parking facilities, determining whether a binding facility is required. All our bike parking systems come standard with such a facility. Additionally, all bike racks include roll-back prevention to ensure bikes remain well-supported if pushed too far forward.


Our bike racks feature standard fork support, which supports the bike at a strong point, preventing wheel damage. The wear-resistant protective sleeves prevent damage to the bike’s front fork. Furthermore, all bike racks have a rounded base plate to prevent dirt accumulation under the rack.

Space Utilization

The choice of different center-to-center (c-c) distances makes our bike racks suitable for most bikes. The c-c distance refers to the spacing between bike racks. Key aspects in determining this distance include available space, bike types, and the number of parking spots needed. Klaver Bicycle Parking maintains a minimum c-c distance of 37.5 cm. Additionally, nearly all our bike racks are expandable and available in both single- and double-sided variants.

Indoor and Outdoor Bike Racks

We offer both indoor and outdoor bike racks. An indoor bike rack is part of a covered bike parking facility, providing the best protection against weather conditions. Covered bike racks prevent wet saddles and keep bikes out of sight, reducing the risk of theft or vandalism. This has a positive impact on bike usage. Similarly, outdoor bike racks are accessible, visible, space-saving, and cost-effective, offering quick access to bikes.

The Right Bike Rack

Knowing the end users is crucial when purchasing a bike rack. Does it need to accommodate students or many electric bikes? Are there a variety of bike types, including bikes with baskets or crates? For high diversity, consider our universal Woma bike rack. For parking many electric bikes, bike racks with charging points are ideal. We also offer several standard bike racks that stand out for their design.

Standard Bike Racks

The Cobra bike rack features rounded forms, fitting perfectly into the street’s design language. The Mamba bike rack has a prominent binding facility, giving it a reliable look, ideal for public spaces. The Krait is a sleekly designed bike rack, optimized for parking bikes.

Bike Racks for Oversized Bikes

In the Netherlands, there is a trend of bikes with different measurements. For these, Klaver Bicycle Parking developed the Viper, suitable for oversized bikes with a basket or crate in front, known as crate and transport bikes.