Charging facilities for e-bikes

More and more people are opting for electric bikes, so the demand for charging points is growing. Klaver Bicycle Parking has developed bicycle racks with built-in charging points, especially for e-bikes. Besides these racks, Klaver also offers free-standing charging points, suitable for scooters and delivery bikes.

Cobra for e-bikes

The best-selling bicycle rack with charging points for electric bicycles.

2ParkUp for e-bikes

The most space-saving double-layer bicycle rack with charging points for e-bikes.

Loading locker

A modular locker for (fire) safe storage of e-bike batteries or other electronics. Also available for outdoor locations.

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Integrated Charging Points for E-Bikes

We see it more and more at companies: bike parking facilities where loose cables are lying around and hanging, used to charge bikes. These cables are not tidied up, creating unsafe situations. Klaver Bicycle Parking has the solution: Integrated charging points in the bike parking systems. A bike rack with integrated charging points offers users a safe and efficient solution for simultaneously parking and charging e-bikes.


All bike racks from Klaver Bicycle Parking meet the requirements of FietsParKeur. The FietsParKeur certification distinguishes between public spaces and secured bike parking facilities. This determines whether bike racks must have a binding facility. All bike parking systems in our range come standard with such a binding facility. With the integrated binding facility, the bike can be secured to the rack with a padlock, minimizing the risk of theft.

Damage Prevention

The bike racks are standardly equipped with fork support. With fork support, the bike is supported by a strong part, the front fork, preventing wheel damage. Additionally, the wear-resistant protective sleeves prevent damage to the bike’s front fork.

Charging E-Bikes in a Double-Decker Bike Rack

In addition to integrated charging points in bike racks, the 2ParkUp can also be equipped with charging points. The charging points are attached to the frame in an easily accessible location. This makes the double-decker bike rack highly suitable for safely parking and charging electric bikes.

Standalone Charging Points

Charging points are also available without bike racks. These standalone charging points are excellent for later addition to a parking facility or for providing a charging point for electric scooters, for example.