The CycleUp is an innovative double-decker bike rack. By using an extendable mechanism for the upper spaces, more room is created for (electric) bikes in the lower spaces.

Advantages of CycleUp

  • Most bicycle places per m2
  • Suitable for almost all types of bicycles
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor locations
  • User-friendly upper place due to integrated gas spring
  • Extra space for lower places due to extendable top gutter
  • Meets the most current FietsParKeur requirements


The CycleUp is a safe double-deck bike rack that can be used at both indoor and outdoor locations (supervised or unsupervised). Bicycles can be Normstellend Documenten FietsParKeur versie 2.5 juli 2021 easily secured to special locking facilities with, for example, a padlock, reducing the risk of theft. Furthermore, all moving parts are concealed behind a prominent protective cover. For the bicycles on the lower tiers, there is extra space and the bike is supported at the front fork. The CycleUp also meets the requirements of the FietsParKeur certification.


The CycleUp is made of very high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel, ensuring it lasts for many years as a bike rack. Optional powder coating in all standard RAL colors is also available. The upper rail is made of aluminum, giving the system an exclusive appearance. All double-deck bike racks from Klaver are modular and available in both single-sided and double-sided versions. This means the bike racks can be endlessly expanded in modules. Additionally, the CycleUp is suitable for most bicycles. A center-to-center distance indicates the spacing between the bicycle spaces. Klaver Bicycle Parking uses a minimum center-to-center distance of 37.5 cm for double-deck bike racks.

Support methods

Rear wheel locking is the support that the double-deck bike rack provides for the upper tiers. Here, the bike is supported at both the front and rear wheels. The lower tiers of the CycleUp tiered bike rack are standardly equipped with front fork support. In this design, the bike is supported at a strong part, the front fork, which prevents wheel damage. Additionally, the wear-resistant protective sleeves prevent damage to the bike’s front fork.


For effortless parking of bikes on the upper tiers, the lifting weight of the upper rail is reduced by an integrated gas spring with damping. This, combined with the rollback protection, makes the CycleUp a user-friendly bike parking system. The rollback protection on the upper tiers ensures that the bike automatically rolls back if it is pushed too far forward.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Klaver Bicycle Parking has been purely focused on the bicycle parking component within the mobility/(bicycle) infrastructure chain since 1985. We develop our own products and supply them through a network of distributors all over the world. Because we offer high-quality products based on specific needs, we pay a lot of attention to the end user and the environment. It is not for nothing that we say: “a unique interpretation for every situation”.

There are bike racks where the front wheel is clamped in, racks where you have to hang the bike by the handlebars or racks where the bike rests on the front wheel hub. Based on our years of experience, we know that bikes are parked most safely in bike racks with front fork support. This is because the front fork itself is one of the strongest parts at the front of the bike. Even if a bicycle is pushed against it, it will always remain stable. Our bike stands also have TNO-approved protective sleeves at the front fork support, preventing damage to the front fork.

A site visit can be useful in determining the most suitable bicycle parking facility. What are the possibilities and what are any limitations? Which aspects have to be taken into account and how can a future-proof bicycle parking facility be realised. Klaver Bicycle Parking offers an expert and no-obligation advice based on your specific situation.

Klaver Bicycle Parking is an expert in bicycle parking and has its own product developers, project managers and mechanics. Because we focus on customers’ specific situations, we offer solutions that other suppliers do not or cannot offer. For example, we do not sell products from stock, but realise solutions for our customers. In addition, we are a leader in our market in the field of corporate social responsibility (PSO30+ certified). This means that at least 30% of our employees are people with a distance to the labour market. Moreover, we mainly use European raw materials for our products and our products have a very long lifespan.

Yes, Klaver delivers and places foundations at bicycle parking facilities. Depending on the situation, we will usually use precast concrete piles. In special cases, strength calculations may require a specific foundation to be installed. Klaver arranges this from A to Z or works together with a (sub)contractor to realise the foundation.