Bicycle parking with a double-layer bicycle system

A double-layer bike rack is a user-friendly solution for your company, organization or municipality. This solution ensures that there is always enough space for the bicycles of your employees, business associates and visitors. Almost all types of bicycles can be parked comfortably in it. In this blog, we will tell you more about what makes double-layer bicycle parking so practical, what the advantages of storey bicycle racks are, which variants of this bicycle system exist and whether it is accessible for all types of bicycles.

Why is a double-layer bike system very practical?

Thanks to a double-level bike system, you can be sure that there is enough capacity for parking bicycles. Considerable space is saved, as your bike rack now has double bike parking capacity compared to single-layer variants. Without any problems, people can park their bikes on the top spaces, thanks to the integrated gas spring. The easier it is to park the bike, the more people are inspired to take the bike more often. This is healthier and better for the environment.

What are the advantages of a double-layer bike system?

We showed you above that a double-layer bike rack is particularly space-saving. Thanks to the extra overhead spaces, there is double the parking capacity compared to single-layer bike systems. For any business, organization or other public space, having a bike rack with ample capacity is highly recommended.

A safe place to park prevents problems such as a knock in the wheel. It also minimizes the risk of theft. The wear-resistant protective sleeves prevent scratches on the front fork. This bike system can be equipped with charging points for e-bikes. For this reason, floor bike racks are so convenient.

What double-layer cycling systems are there?

You have several options when you choose one of our double-layer bike systems. First, you can choose a 2ParkUp Etagerek with Front Fork Locking. With this variant, the bike is secured to the front fork using a hook. This prevents the bicycle from falling over. The bike is safely stored in the rack and reliable storage is guaranteed.

You can also choose a 2ParkUp Etagerek with Rear Wheel Lock. This provides support to both the front and rear wheel. The third alternative is the 2ParkUp Etagerek with Charging Points. Two electric bikes can be charged at one charging point.

Is it accessible to all types of bicycles?

In principle, a double-layer bicycle system is suitable for almost all types of bicycles. Because a double-layer bike rack can be equipped with charging points for e-bikes, it is also a lot more attractive for employees and visitors to park their electric bikes. This minimizes the risk of theft. Are you still looking for a bicycle system for your company, organization or association? Check out the user-friendly solutions of Klaver Fietsparkeren now. Contact us or request a free, no-obligation quote.