Is a single bike rack just for you?

A bike rack single is a single layer rack where you, your employees, your business associates, your customers and/or your visitors can park their bikes. Thanks to our single bike racks, bicycles can be parked safely and securely. In this blog we will tell you more about single bike racks, why they are highly recommended and who they are for. We will also show you how many bikes can fit in a single bike rack and which variants can be found within our range.

Why purchase a bike rack single?

A single-layer bike rack is a valuable addition to business premises or public spaces. This type of bike rack fits the streetscape and is available in a variety of designs. Single-level bike racks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. As a result, there is always a suitable option for your business premises or public space. Moreover, we can customize your bike racks for you. A bike rack for electric bicycles is also among the options. Thanks to these bike racks, everyone can park his or her bike in the best possible way.

Who are these bike racks for?

A single bike rack is an excellent option for a variety of places. For example, this type of bike rack is suitable for public areas. People cycle a lot in the Netherlands, so we are used to bicycle racks in the streetscape. In addition, it is highly recommended to purchase a bike rack for your company or organization. Not only can everyone now store their bikes, but the presence of a bike rack inspires people to take their bikes more often.

How many bikes fit in a single-sided bike rack?

Most models have single-sided variants with a capacity of two or four bikes. There are also double-sided bike racks with a capacity of four or eight bicycles. These bike racks can be placed side by side, making it easy to adjust the total capacity to your preferences. This way you can be sure that there are enough bike spaces for everyone.

Which bicycle racks do we have in our assortment?

At Klaver bicycle parking you can choose from a wide range of single layer bike racks. The Cobra bicycle stand single is one of the most popular single-layer bicycle stands. It is equipped with a solid steel tethering facility. There is also a Cobra bike rack with charging station, which is suitable for electric bicycles. Another option is the Krait bike rack, whose sleek design and durability stand out. There is also a variant of this with charging point. Another option is the Mamba bike rack, which has an extra-large attachment bracket. Are you looking for a bike rack for bikes with crates or baskets? Then the Viper bike rack is just a perfect choice.

A Woma bike rack is an option for anyone looking for a bike rack that can park almost any kind of bike. Finally, there is the VelowUp vertical bike rack, where the bikes can be placed vertically. This is space-saving and user-friendly. Feel free to take a look within our selection to discover the best bike rack for your company, organization or municipality. You can contact us for more info or to request a free and completely non-binding quote.