How do you park so many (crate) bikes on a school playground?

Storing a bicycle in a space-saving manner is possible thanks to the outdoor bike rack. Perhaps an outdoor bike rack could be beneficial for your company as well? After all, there are few other bike parking solutions that offer both space optimization and convenience. In this blog, we illustrate the importance of outdoor bike racks. We delve into the space-saving benefits they provide and the convenience, as everyone parking their bike in an outdoor bike rack has quick access to it. Moreover, this method of bike storage can also offer protection, for instance against the elements. At Klaver Bike Parking, you can order the outdoor bike rack that suits your needs.

Space optimization: parking bikes outdoors

Space optimization is one of the main reasons to choose an outdoor bike rack. By parking bikes outside, there’s no need to reserve indoor space. Furthermore, these bike racks are designed to efficiently utilize space. Even if space around your company is limited, an outdoor bike rack can be easily installed. Storing a bike in a space-saving manner is now possible anywhere, even in busy or small areas.

A single-tier bike rack allows people to park their bikes outdoors in an organized manner. If you want to further optimize space usage, you can opt for a double-decker outdoor bike rack. By accommodating bikes both above and below, the capacity is doubled without occupying more space. If you’re looking for outdoor bike racks that maximize space utilization, Klaver Bike Parking is the right place for you.

Convenience: quick access to your bike

Furthermore, convenience is a compelling reason to opt for an outdoor bike rack for your company. With an outdoor bike rack, everyone has fast access to their bike at all times. It’s easily reachable, making both parking and retrieving your bike effortless. The smoother the experience with an outdoor bike rack, the lower the barrier for employees to commute by bike to work.

The more comfortable a bike parking solution is to use, the better it fosters a cycling culture within your company. Outdoor bike storage significantly contributes to this. It makes your company more accessible for cyclists. The more employees choose to bike, the better it is for their health. Cycling employees are healthier, in better shape, more productive, experience less stress, and see cycling as a more relaxed start and end to their workday. Another compelling reason to choose an outdoor bike rack.

Protection against weather elements

An outdoor bike rack enables space-saving bike storage and offers accessible bike storage solutions. Additionally, you can choose to have your outdoor bike rack equipped with a canopy. Bike shelters are available in various types such as a T-Hide bike shelter or a Prisma bike shelter. With such bike shelters, you continue to save space while ensuring quick access to bikes, and simultaneously protecting them from weather conditions. The rain protection keeps your bikes dry, significantly enhancing the cycling experience.

Storing bikes in a space-saving manner: Klaver Bike Parking makes it possible

Whatever type of bike storage you are looking for, you will find exactly what your company needs at Klaver Bike Parking. Single-tier outdoor bike racks, double-decker outdoor bike racks, and bike shelters: you’ll find them all in our product range. Moreover, you have the option to equip your outdoor bike rack with charging points for e-bikes. This further promotes a cycling culture within your company. Interested? Contact us and request a free quote.