To charge or not to charge in bike rack?

Nowadays, it is important for a school, business or organization to have bicycle storage for electric bicycles. More people than ever are riding electric bicycles, so the demand for bicycle storage for electric bicycles is particularly high. At Klaver you can not only find all kinds of bicycle solutions for electric bicycles, but we can also make sure that the bicycle racks are equipped with charging points. This way, everyone can continue to make optimal use of the e-bike.

In this blog we will tell you more about our products regarding the storage of electric bikes. Here you can think of bike storage for electric bikes, charging points for e-bikes and a charging locker for bikes. We will show you the advantages of these solutions. Of course, you can have us install bicycle storage for electric bikes.

Why do you place an electric bike in bike storage?

An electric bike is a valuable investment, but also one that comes with a hefty purchase price. We can therefore imagine that you take extra care of your e-bike. It’s reassuring to know that your electric bike is safely stored. Our bike storage for electric bikes makes this possible. Our storages offer protection against theft, vandalism and weather conditions. This allows you to enjoy your electric bike longer.

All kinds of solutions for the electric bicycle

You want to be able to store your electric bicycle in a bicycle storage facility. This applies to many people. That is why the demand for suitable solutions is increasing, especially at schools and companies. At Klaver you can go for bicycle racks including charging points. All bike racks are equipped with charging points, so that charging is always possible. The charging cable is integrated into the frame, so it is invisible.

A charging locker for bicycles is another solution for which you can contact us. You can charge your battery in a locker. This is not only a good way to prevent the theft of the battery, but it also contributes to the security of a bicycle locker. This is because a charging locker for bikes is a fireproof locker. Should a battery catch fire, further damage is prevented. Do these bicycle solutions appeal to you? Then choose our bicycle storage for electric bikes with charging points. You can contact us to request a free, no-obligation quote.